Throughout the history of the Baobao Landscaping and Gardening Studio, we have developed, created and executed numerous projects and exterior designs. Both private gardens and public gardens, landscape restorations or penthouse and terrace designs.

For this, we have a team of landscape designers, architects, engineers, and gardeners, who address any type of project related to the landscape, regardless of the surface to be projected.

In all our projects, we always take into account the conditions of the project, the client's needs and the future maintenance of the space, thus creating special places, full of interest for its future users.


Private garden Monasteries

The vegetation is varied both in texture and color, incorporating: lavender, clivia, agapanthus africanus, escallonia
rubra macrantha…

Our day to day
Landscaping Study
Private garden Santa Barbara
A garden with a Mediterranean air dressed in clumps of lavender, rosemary, santolina and cypresses, which provide different aromas and textures.